RUBiQ is a full business management system, comprising of various modules to satisfy different aspects of business management. At its core, RUBiQ helps embed good Governance, Risk, and Compliance as an operating norm, without the need for several different systems to manage the business.

Each module of RUBiQ is designed to specifically solve that area of business, and integrates with other modules to enable better reporting and more accurate measurement of business performance.

For example, Policies & Procedures formulate the controls and guidelines for how your organisation operates, so when a Risk Assessment is completed, or an Incident is logged, it can be linked directly back to the Policy involved. This helps ensure the correct decisions and changes are made to the organisation, compared to traditionally these areas have been isolated and out of communication.

Key performance and risk indicators can be measured and tied directly to day-to-day business processes and procedures, so executive management can instantly know and understand where performance is being hit, what needs improvement, and what aspects are doing well.

The end result is your organisation is enabled to make faster and more accurate business decisions, implement effective corrective and preventative actions, and drive more firmly towards the objectives and goals of the organisation.