Averiware Inc is an innovative software development company providing comprehensive business management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

Averiware’s goal is to help small and mid-sized enterprises manage all of their business processes – including finance, sales and service, Web presence and employee management – more efficiently.

Companies can save time, money and resources and get unprecedented visibility into their operations by utilising one centralised and up-to-date database, ending the headache of using multiple incompatible applications. All with anytime, anywhere Web access!

Averiware’s solution can be delivered via SaaS model or implemented on your organisation’s server. It can be rapidly deployed for a faster time-to-benefit and increased ROI, and with Averiware, SMBs will experience dramatic cost savings, increased profitability, and enhanced partner and customer satisfaction.

Averiware’s 100 percent Web-based solution delivers exceptional business value at a low total cost of ownership.